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AGN Super League Format

How the AGN road running super league works:

  • The participation league races will always be used for the purposes of determining the super league
  • There are separate leagues for the male and female athletes. 
  • Only Agn registered athletes qualify for super league points. 
  • Super league points are restricted to the first 50 Agn male and the first 25 Agn female finishers 
  • Points are awarded as follows for each distance run (10km / 21km etc):
    • Male: 1st – 50 pts,  2nd – 49pts,  3rd – 48pts and so on down to 1pt for the 50th Agn male athlete to finish.
    • Female: 1st – 25pts,  2nd – 24pts,  3rd – 23pts and so on down to 1pt for the 25th Agn female athlete to finish 
  • The combined male points per club for all the race distances is determined. The male club with the highest number of points, gets 50 super league points with the next getting 49pts, and so on down. The same formula applies to the female super league, 50pts for the highest number of super league points and so on down.